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eSports is most definitely a thing. But we don’t need to tell you that. An arena, thousands of spectators, noise, hype, action and videogames. 500million dollars in revenue per year. It’s going places, fast.

But where?

On a night fueled by enthusiasm for gaming and virtual reality, we explore where the future of gaming and eSports is heading.

Guest panelists battle it out for their take on the impact of eSports in the gaming scene. Some solid views on digital entertainment and competitive video gaming. A line between gaming and sport so blurry you’ll need your grandma’s glasses, we examine what’s next for the two industries.

Try Dota2 spectator mode in Virtual Reality
Find out how to leverage this whole eSports thing in your business
See how disruption has affected the industry and how it will continue to do so
Talk to some of you fellows and rivals and challenge them to life or death
Wear your favourite jersey to win tickets to the Australia (Soccoroos) VS UAE world cup qualifier on March the 28th
Have some drinks and a have a good time
Ready for the future?

Presenters include:
– David Harris, Managing Director at LG Direwolves
– Daniel Ringland, Head of Oceanic Esports for Riot Games
– Eileen Bell, Senior Portfolio Analyst and Current eSports Athlete
– Andrew Condon, Director, Head of Sport and Entertainment Marketing at Gemba
– Jeremy Ray, Former eSport Athlete and Television Presenter and Video Game Reviewer.