Disruptive Tech: How VR and AR Are Going to Disrupt Your Industry - Tank Stream Labs

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Brought to you by Academy Xi, Lakeba Group, 360Degrees.com, Tank Stream Labs, and TwoSpace; prepare yourself for the future of Virtual and Augmented Reality at this not-to-be-missed event!

We’ll split the night up; half discussion, half hands-on demos. Major players in the industry will discuss the implications of different mixed realities, where these technologies will have the most impact, and how they’ll reshape different industries in the near future. You’ll then have the opportunity to learn by doing; trying AR and VR yourself at the interactive demo session.

Already, we’re beginning to see unexpected applications in industries across the board. Technology still in its infancy, much of AR and VR’s potential remains untapped, so just think of what might be possible in 5, 10 or 50 years time. Don’t miss out on this fascinating night. Will your industry be disrupted? Come and find out!

– Daniel Sim Lind, VR Creative Technologist – Instructor
– Rayneil Singh, Architecture & Planning Professional
– Toby Ellis, Commercial Director of Lakeba Group