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EY’s 19th Global Information Security Survey 2016-17

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Threats of all kinds continue to evolve, and today’s organizations find that the threat landscape changes and presents new challenges every day.

Organizations have learned over decades to defend themselves and respond better, moving from very basic level measures and ad hoc responses to sophisticated, robust and formal processes.

In this report, we look at the findings of our latest Global Information Security Survey. From the responses of the 1735 CIOs, CISOs and other executives, we can see where organizations are in the strength and maturity of their cybersecurity capabilities and suggest three steps to achieve cyber resilience:

– Sense
– Resist
– React

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Sunny Outlook For Start-ups

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The Australian start-up sector is looking to build on the flurry of incentives being thrown its way from federal and state governments, with new research released by venture capital firm Tank Stream Ventures highlighting a distinct optimism from the sector as it enters 2017.

The industry-wide survey, launched in November, was designed to provide an ongoing snapshot of business conditions for the start-up sector and Tank Stream’s CEO Bradley Delamare said that while the results paint a positive picture there are few areas that could do with some fine tuning.

At a time when there’s so much focus on the start-up system, Mr Delamare said that the survey highlights that start-ups are making a significant contribution to the economy, are already taking a global perspective; and gaining traction in government circles.

“The capital flow is better and the greater visibility is also encouraging aspiring entrepreneurs to take more risks,” he told The Australian.

According to survey, 60 per cent of the respondents said that business conditions are favourable vastly outweighing the 17.8 per cent that said things were less than ideal.

“A strong majority of companies (62 per cent) said that their revenue has grown in the past year, with almost half of total respondents (46.8 per cent) saying that they have seen revenue grow by more than 20 per cent,” the survey said.


Tank Stream Labs launches survey to gauge effectiveness of innovation agenda one year on

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The National Innovation and Science Agenda (NISA) launched to much fanfare last December, with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull unveiling a broad vision for Australia’s future through the digital economy.

A $28 million advertising campaign was put in place, with the #ideasboom popping up on television screens and bus shelters across the country, hoping to make tech and startups fun to create buzz and spur new wave of innovation.

To examine sentiment around NISA and the government’s role and actions a year on, Sydney coworking community Tank Stream Labs has launched a survey to help gauge the startup sector’s feelings.

The survey looks to discover what knowledge or understanding startups have of NISA and what kind of impact it has had on companies, whether it be an effect on business confidence or investment in their sector or facilitating access to a new government grant.

Bradley Delamare, CEO of Tank Stream Labs, said, “We want to get the views from startups who are actually knowledgeable and engaged in this space so that we can get a good sense of what people understand and what their views are of the incentives available.”


Aussie Start-ups Grab Gongs in Visa API Competition

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Two Australian start-ups – one that adds location services and data analytics to websites and apps and another that gives retailers a one-step checkout that can be easily shared on social media – are among the winners of a Visa API competition.

At a public pitch competition last month, burgeoning businesses Proximiti and Persollo presented their responses to a call from the payments giant to use its APIs “to solve business challenges and bring new ideas to payments”.

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Five critical lessons for growth from a startup CEO

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“When I look back over the past few years since I launched a SaaS startup, the most valuable lessons have come from making mistakes and pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

I’ve learnt many lessons along the way, but I think some were more potent and more business-critical than others.

To help you focus on the critical stuff and avoid some of my mistakes, I’ve put together a list of my top five lessons that will help you to become a more effective CEO and accelerate your startup.”

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Four tips for building a startup from the founder of $6 billion tech giant Stripe

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Brothers John and Patrick Collison have grown payments platform Stripe to a $6 billion ($US5 billion) tech company operating in over 20 countries with 520 employees, and remain behind the wheel of the business.

The company has raised $US300 million in the last seven years, and boasts the likes of Twitter, Shopify and UNICEF as customers.

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Where Australia sucks for startups and what needs to be done to make the ecosystem shine

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…In short, here is where we fall short compared to Americans:

  • We tend to underplay our achievements and our businesses
  • We hold our connections tight to our chest, rather than openly offer them up to help others
  • We are secretive about our business ideas, thinking that others will steal them, rather than believing that ideas are cheap and execution is everything
  • We typically only have meetings that have a specific agenda, rather than meeting to explore and see how we might help or collaborate
  • We lack the “pay it forward” attitude that is pervasive in Silicon Valley
  • We are more transaction-focused than relationship-focused in our business dealings
  • We operate with distrust as our default position, rather than trust. This results in a high cost of transaction which is counter-intuitive to the way startups need to operate
  • Australian business often has a lack of a sense of urgency. This is in part because we have a much less competitive market than the US. Aussie startups often under-estimate the lost opportunity by moving too slowly
  • We are much more focused on having a great lifestyle than we are on being successful

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Why is developing technology in fintech so important?

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“Of all the industries currently being transformed by the world’s revolution in technology, financial markets are undergoing some of the most dramatic changes – and some that are most likely to uproot the industry as it currently stands.

For centuries, finance has been dominated by bigger players with massive amounts of power. Not anymore.”

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