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CHRIS BRYCKI: 10 things I’ve learnt since starting out as a 19-year-old hedge fund manager

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I made my first investment on January 1, 1996, at the time I was 10-years-old. Not your standard primary school hobby. I was sport obsessed and starting to realise girls weren’t as annoying as I thought, but my inner finance geek was fascinated by what made share prices go up and down.

My parents didn’t work in finance but my dad had some shares in his self managed super and decided to teach me and my brother some of the basics. He let us choose a stock from the newspaper, gave us $1,000 (which later, to my dismay, I found out was only theoretical). I had a few stockmarket wins, a few losses and I was hooked!

I kept a diary of every investment I made between 1996 and 1999 which I still have today. It looks more like a colouring-in book than a trading diary because I gave each stock a different set of colours – but in it I kept track of my running profit or loss, dividends and company news cutouts.


Sydney Start-up Hub location bound to snub someone – Pete McConnell

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Let me start the year by wading into the hottest topic in hipsterville, the potential location of Sydney’s super-sized, start-up hub.

The context to the conversation is the NSW government’s announcement that it will concentrate Sydney’s entrepreneurial community into a single site, thereby creating a grand innovation hot spot to rival our global competitors.

Few doubt the theory. Put simply, co-location works. Ask any member of an existing tech hub and they will attest to the benefits a strong ecosystem brings to their business.

In fact, collaborative and flexible workspaces are the new black in the business community.

Wework, the global leader in innovative workspaces, openly courts established businesses looking to house their teams in an environment more conducive to change.

Likewise, residents in places such as Tank Stream Labs (home to Commtract) and York Butter Factory in Melbourne include global companies who see it as an alternative to the traditional office option.

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CEC Systems to receive Accelerating Commercialisation Grant

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Sydney-based industrial technology developer CEC Systems has received a AUD$282,000 grant from the Australian Government to explore the commercial benefit of their collapsible shipping container, COLLAPSECON®, to the shipping and logistics industries compared to traditional shipping containers.

The grant has been awarded by AusIndustry as part of the Accelerating Commercialisation programme. Grants provided under the programme are designed to help commercialise more of Australia’s wealth of intellectual property by nurturing the brightest business ideas around the nation. Through these grants, the Federal government seeks to advance Australian industries, create new opportunities and ensure Australia’s intellectual property is protected.

CEC Systems’ focus is on pioneering solutions to the complex global challenges facing the shipping and logistics industries, with the COLLAPSECON® at the forefront of their innovations.

CEO, Nicholas Press, is excited by the opportunities the Accelerating Commercialisation Grant will give to his burgeoning technology company. “We’ve calculated the benefits of the COLLAPSECON® through the entire supply chain, however, a targeted commercial demonstration is required to confirm that these calculated improvements can be achieved”.

The grants are matched dollar for dollar by investment by the recipient companies. To date, the programme has provided 75 successful grants worth more than $37 million in Australian Government commercialisation assistance to bring Australian innovation to market.

Advisers also guide businesses through the commercialisation process and eligible groups may also receive financial assistance in the form of a matching grant of up to $1 million.


STARTUP DAILY- MEETIG8 is an online job platform looking to connect risk advisors to big businesses

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The larger a business, the greater the chance they will become bombarded with dense laws and regulations that constrain their movements, particularly when it comes to those dealing in the area of finance.

To help companies navigate their way through regulations and predict potential missteps, former Westpac risk and compliance executive manager, James Lai, has developed an online platform to help businesses find highly skilled risk compliance and audit professionals.

Looking to cut out traditional bricks and mortar recruiting services, MEETIG8’s online job marketplace provides a simplistic and cheap way for companies to hire freelance professionals.

Having worked in the risk assessment industry for well overa decade, Lai noticed that despite the contemporary digital landscape, companies were still hiring risk professionals using an outdated, declining model.


Elevator Pitch: MEETIG8

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MEETIG8 (pronounced mitigate) is an online marketplace that directly connects organisations with risk, compliance and audit professionals. MEETIG8 has been created to meet the growing need for organisations, especially in the financial services industry, to quickly find qualified risk professionals for short-term placements and projects, without going through expensive accounting firms or recruitment agencies.

What strategies are you using to grow and finance your idea?

In 2016, we validated the MEETIG8 concept with risk professionals in the industry as well as prospective clients and we received very positive feedback on what is a revolutionary way of delivering risk advisory services. Since December 2016, MEETIG8 started gathering sign-ups from independent consultants and clients through our landing page. The fully functional online platform is scheduled to go live in March 2017. I’ve taken leave from my role Head of Risk and Compliance Assurance at Westpac Banking Corporation to focus on getting it off the ground.


You can also check out MEETIG8 LinkedIn here:

Seven Surprising Mistakes Australian Entrepreneurs Make

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Entrepreneurship is all about making mistakes. But you don’t have to do all your learning the hard way.

We’ve pulled together seven business leaders from around the country to explain mistakes they made early in the lives of their startups.

What mistakes have you made? Would you make them again or avoid them?

Thinking you can do everything – Jonny Wilkinson, co-founder of Equitise

In the early stages you really do need to do everything within your business to keep costs down and maintain control. But to succeed it’s important to surround yourself with employees that you trust to take on some of the workload, while you focus on the direction and growth of the business.

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EY’s 19th Global Information Security Survey 2016-17

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Threats of all kinds continue to evolve, and today’s organizations find that the threat landscape changes and presents new challenges every day.

Organizations have learned over decades to defend themselves and respond better, moving from very basic level measures and ad hoc responses to sophisticated, robust and formal processes.

In this report, we look at the findings of our latest Global Information Security Survey. From the responses of the 1735 CIOs, CISOs and other executives, we can see where organizations are in the strength and maturity of their cybersecurity capabilities and suggest three steps to achieve cyber resilience:

– Sense
– Resist
– React

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