January 2017 - Tank Stream Labs

EY’s 19th Global Information Security Survey 2016-17

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Threats of all kinds continue to evolve, and today’s organizations find that the threat landscape changes and presents new challenges every day.

Organizations have learned over decades to defend themselves and respond better, moving from very basic level measures and ad hoc responses to sophisticated, robust and formal processes.

In this report, we look at the findings of our latest Global Information Security Survey. From the responses of the 1735 CIOs, CISOs and other executives, we can see where organizations are in the strength and maturity of their cybersecurity capabilities and suggest three steps to achieve cyber resilience:

– Sense
– Resist
– React

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Bonjoro allows businesses to send personalised video messages to customers upon sign up

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Regardless of industry, connecting with customers is one of the greatest challenges that businesses face. This is particularly difficult within a competitive market, where it can be difficult for a consumer to separate each brand beyond their logo and tagline.

To help make their mark on a customer, it’s become the norm for businesses to send direct emails out thanking patrons for their time, signup, or purchase. More often than not, however, these ‘personal’ emails are nothing more than an automated block of text which end up at the bottom of a customer’s third email address amongst a pile of dozens of others just like it.

Bonjoro is a mobile app looking to renew the way businesses tackle engagement by allowing them to send quick, personal video messages directly to their customers.

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